Sunday, March 5, 2017

Two New Girls Join Our Little Farm

A week ago Monday two new girls joined the little farm flock.  And what beauties they are.

We used the same method as when Buffy joined the hens; putting the newbies in the dog kennel inside the coop allowed everyone to look and smell and talk without any altercations.
Ruby Dee politely inquires, "What the heck?"

Introducing the new girls -- Jo on the left (a Jersey Giant) and Dottie on the right (a Wyandotte), both a year old.  A family not too far from us were rehoming nine hens because of a move.  A perfect situation.  My former egg lady took seven and two came to live with us.

Sweet Pea takes a good long look at the interlopers.

It only took a day and a half before the two new girls had tipped over the water in their enclosure about every 10 minutes and the kennel turned into a lake, so out they came.

Yes, there was a bit of posturing (there still is), but the transition was reasonably smooth.

Dottie discovers there are treats in the doorway 

and Jo tries to figure out how those chickens got on top of the straw and hay.

Aha! Jo clambered up onto the mountain.
What an accomplishment.

Dottie explores a nesting box

And during all this drama, the donkeys are oblivious to anything but their vittles. 


  1. The new hens are are so pretty! We lost our biggest, oldest, hen Annie last week. She was a speckled sussex. Now we are down to a bunch of small mixed breeds...not very pretty, hens. The donkeys are still sweet looking.

  2. Oh Janet, two new girls - how lovely! They look very healthy and happy in their new home already, what with all that exploring to do in the hay bales. I used the same method when we got Rose & Violet and put them in a dog crate inside the enclosed run (think I took that idea from you initially). It was a really good idea and worked for me, apart from the water issue. Your introduction seems to be going very well indeed. Mary created for about a week - can't believe she didn't lose her voice. It is nerve wracking at the beginning, but it usually all works out in the end. Your new girls have certainly landed on their little dinosaur feet and found a wonderful forever home. Lovely photo's of the girls.