Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Faces at SASHA Farm Sanctuary

Last month friend Bev and I returned to our regularly scheduled trips to SASHA Farm Sanctuary as volunteers, feeding and watering and doing whatever other chores might be needed.  Some days I just don't take the time to capture photos of sweet faces, but this last visit seemed the right time for a few snaps.

Let me introduce you.

Little June is the newest addition to the big pigs, also the smallest and definitely my favorite.  Her personality is strong -- she's pushy for food but absolutely fun-loving.  She wants to play and will immediately come running as you walk into the pig area.  All in all a cutie.

Herman the boar is not as social but oh so distinctive.  

Don't quote me, but I think this is Daniel.  He was very attentive as I walked back and forth attending the pigs.  No other cows were nearby except this sweet boy.  He accepted a few head rubs and I was sorry I had no treats at that moment for him.

Norman, in the foreground, is definitely high on my list of cuties.  When I have carrots to dispense, I always seek out this boy.  I believe he's a donkey but could be a mix.

Sweet Fearless is infirm and gets a special bed in the kitchen.  He's a glutton for loving but you need to keep an eye on him as his hearing, sight and mobility are all an issue.

  And then there are the goats.  What goofs.

Great yoga poses...

 These emus are in with the chickens.  When I dumped the small wading pool in their area to clean and refill, they adored the pool of water left behind and settled down for a good soak.

SASHA is a great place to get your critter fix. 


  1. Janet, I didn't know you volunteered there. I clicked on the link to SASHA and read until I could not hold back the tears. I worry so about the animals that are mistreated and abused. Thank goodness for places like SASHA and people like you. Thank you. June the piggy does look sweet. So glad you carried your camera.

    1. Melba, we're kindred spirits toward the animals. Farm animals particularly -- that's why I'm a vegetarian. When I see sweet June I don't know how I could eat bacon.

  2. I've fallen in love with little June ... isn't she just something else?!!! I bet you wish you could take them all home with you. They do look as if they have a lovely place to live though. I agree with HP, thank goodness for places like SASHA.

  3. Fabulous capture of our wonderful friends!