Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pasture Envy

Two little donkeys are beside themselves with lust for their pasture.
But they must wait.  And wait.
At least until mid-May.

You're heard me say it before; those little lips and teeth can decimate a not-fully-developed pasture faster than you can say "phooey".  And they have.  So we wait.

Now that the weather has turned toward the side of spring, Gabby has let me know in her inimitable way that she WILL either get to go in the pasture or out into the "compound" (fenced in area surrounding the house) and nibble whatever is available.    Rick has chastised me for allowing them free range in the compound since they ate all of the ivy he had cultivated by the house.   But, of course, the donkeys turn a deaf ear, particularly Gabs.

Here she was marching between the donkey yard gate and the pasture gate, with a very clear message for me.

Yet those darn chickens get to go into the pasture, she says.

And something is not right about that situation.

So, two donkeys decided to take matters into their control and sashayed into the chicken run.

The hens were not alarmed by this turn of events, but were slightly confused.

And so, as I explained the pasture situation yet again to Gabby, the ears were taking it all in.


  1. Oh what gorgeous ears they are as well. Don't these animals just know how to play us humans - they definitely know exactly what they want. Glad you are experiencing some nice Spring weather at last. Roll on May, the donks are going to be in their element. How are your chooks doing? Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. I'm hoping for some nice weather to get out in the garden with my girls. I'll try to take some photo's and post them to you next week.

  2. What a cute post! How anxious those donkeys must be for that good fresh grass. It's like waiting for Thanksgiving when it's only Halloween. Time flies and they will be out there before you know it.

  3. Sorry Janet, no photo's this last weekend, for two reasons. Weather here was awful, cold and wet and I have a very poorly Mary. It's that awful EYP ... again. She was at the vets all day yesterday being drained and she is now on medication. She still looks really poorly - I know it can go either way at the moment. Oh the joys (worries) of chicken keeping!!