Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Relaxing

For the past four years or so I have tried to reserve Sundays as chore-free days.  Days of relaxation and recharging.  And simple enjoyment.  Think Barney and Aunt Bee sitting on the porch listening to Andy play the guitar.

So, today I invite you to join the scenes of "ahhhhh".

Years ago friend Mary introduced me to Sky chairs.  This summer I splurged and bought one for reading.

Mug and book are within an arm's reach.

From the chair vantage point, this was the view.
Wonderfully peaceful.

Gunner joined me for some quiet time.

And then there's the cat.
What a goof.
Snoozed most of the afternoon on top of the hot tub.

Of course throughout the day there were donkey and chicken chores, but somehow those don't count.  Mid-afternoon I was able to storm the kitchen to make an Asian Quinoa Salad (new recipe).  And then wandered out to the donks to just sit in their company.  I don't do that often.  I happened to take out some treats and, of course, got mobbed.

  Well worth the trip out to hang with the little devils.


  1. I love that chair! Sounds like the perfect relaxing Sunday to me. The view from your chair is so peaceful and pretty. I need to spend more time just visiting with the goats and rabbits instead of just rushing around getting them all fed.

  2. Looks like a perfect, restful end to the week.
    I like your sky chair, but would never be able to get myself out of it :)
    Love those sweet faces....

  3. What an absolutely perfect Sunday. I love the view from your "Sky Chair" (never heard of one of those before!!). Sitting on your porch with your dog and cat - sounds idyllic. Oh how I'd love a porch. Spending time hanging out with your donks - doesn't get much better than that.