Sunday, November 19, 2017

Teeny Tiny Farm Expansion Continues

We've doubled our donkey herd.  And now on to the chickens.
Friend and chicken mentor, Debbie, is raising a dozen mixed breed chicks.  Three have been earmarked mine.  These cuties will be joining us in January.  Ooh-la-la.

Here's a peek at their growth:

September 2 
Only a few days old and cute enough to melt any heart

September 8 
A wee bit bigger and stronger

And, November 11 
Hey, what happened to October!

We tagged this cutie as one of my three; she's an Amberlink, a new breed to us.  Two Amberlinks and one Australorp (black) will be joining our current crew of four. I'll have to have a talk with our girls to make sure they understand the agenda - no fighting.  Of course I did that with Luigi and Gabs and a lot of good that did.  There is still donkey posturing all the time, but all four will now eat together and they'll congregate in the barn without too much strife. 



  1. Oh my goodness - how cute are they. Two more girls that's going to be lovely - I'd be counting the days down until January. I must admit I have never heard of the breed Amberlink. The little white one is gorgeous. I hope your integration goes well, but remember no amount of talking to them will make any difference, they have to do everything in their own time. You've done it before so you will be a dab hand. Glad that the donks are getting there with each other, eating together is a really good sign.

  2. Oh, how cute!! I love raising baby chicks. We really need to get a few more hens. Hope they all do good.