Monday, November 27, 2017

OK Donkeys, I Hear You!

This morning at roughly 7:30 a.m., there appeared a cacophony of noise coming from 250 feet down the driveway.  Yes, four donkeys were demanding breakfast.  Loudly.  I could hear them quite clearly with the windows closed. 

It's not always a delight.

I trudged out.

Here you stinkers, just be quiet.

Luigi and Gabby settle down to some serious eating

Sugar and Spice enjoy the deluxe pool accomodations.

Peace now reigns.

Since the hens are allowed to frolic in the donkey yard during morning clean-up, Jo enjoys the solitude of the coop.

But the moment I mention mealworm treats, she's johnny-on-the-spot.  And it's butts to you.


Round two for the girls -- morning banana and seed treat

Ahhh,  serenity.  But wait...  Is that the evil eye?


  1. No time for your first cuppa of the day when you have got all those hungry mouths to feed. Sugar and Spice look to be settling in very well .. which is great. Bananas and seeds for the chooks - they are nearly as spoilt as Rose and Violet.

  2. What a cute little farm you have. But, it's the same way here. Always, an animal hungry and waiting to be fed.

  3. Rose and Vi's favourite treats of all time are definitely Mealworms (dried). I buy a little packet that I try to make last for the week (I know that too many are not good for them). It's very hard not to indulge them too much as they are such good, sweet girls and I like to make them happy. Rose has had a messy dirty bottom for the past few weeks. Although, thankfully, she is fine in herself and still laying every day. I have cut back on their greens. They used to have cabbage, tomato, cucumber chopped up in the morning and again in the afternoon. I used to give lettuce, but found out that this really does seem to give them the runs. I am now giving them pellets with a few meal worm treats in the morning so that they are getting their vitamins from their layer's pellets and just one lot of chopped up veg in the afternoon. I have noticed that her bottom is improving so I believe it is a case of just too many greens. Because they are both still laying every day, I have quite a few eggs and so I scramble one up (with the egg shell for added calcium) and pop in microwave for 2 mins. When cool they have the egg in the afternoon .. and they love it!!

    1. I'll have to keep your veg medley in mind. Usually mine turn up their noses at anything terribly healthy, like lettuce. You don't find offering them egg causes them to break those in the coop?

  4. No Janet they have never broken or eaten their eggs in the coop. When they have their egg with shell I always crush up and mix well together. I think they are too well fed to be bothered to eat their own eggs in the coop!!