Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thar She Blows

Within an approximate span of 10 days the weather has morphed from snow to ice (!) to steady downpours to mud & gusty wind.  I do love my state of Michigan but am glad we seem to be on a even keel right now (if the fates allow).

During the ice phase I had to curtail my critter duties (husband Rick is more sure-footed than I), but then started driving out to the donkeys and using a cross-country ski pole to navigate from the car to the gate.  The sharp tip end of the pole was perfect for stabbing ice and getting more stability.  It also helped to throw a few shavings over the ice and make a path.  Cut down on the sliding.

Blog reader/friend, Louise, asked about the personalities of Sugar and Spice.  I'm finding the next line of the childhood rhyme "and all that's nice" may not apply!  But let me explain.

This recent photo doesn't accurately portray the muddy conditions, but all four beasts are in clear sight.  From left to right:  Spice, Luigi, Sugar and Gabariella.If you peer at the screen closely, upper right corner, you'll see the hens foraging the pasture for tasty treats.

As I've mentioned to you, little Sugar's coloring catches me by surprise from time to time.  For that brief moment, I'll think Francesca is still around.  Because of that association, I may be showering her with more attention than I do with Spice and need to correct that.  She is quite approachable and will submit to my hugs and rubs and will even initiate a little lovefest. She's learning to take carrots nicely with her lips instead of teeth.

Here's Sugar's wild girl look.  Occasionally the whites of her eyes are quite visible and she'll take on the wild donkadoo face.

Spice has not quite cozied up to me yet - but remember I lost the whole month of December for knee surgery after only a month of them living with us. 

Ironically she was the passive submissive girl early on.  Now she's getting a whole lot more pushy about her food.  I almost got clobbered yesterday because of it.  I was in the midst of throwing some hay and apparently someone got too close to the pile she had reserved for herself. She started whirling and kicking and I was darn certain she was going to make contact with my new knee.  Whew, didn't happen, but you would have heard some yelling echoing in the donkey yard.

Luigi absolutely insisted he be included in this rogue's gallery and I knew friend, Janet, would like a close-up of her favorite boy.

And then there's helper, Gunner.  When I'm giving out carrot pieces, he gets a little over zealous to insist on his fair share.  I'm surrounded by chow hounds - including the chickens!


  1. Hi Janet, Loved the photo's of the donks and saw the chooks in the distance. What lucky girls they are having all that freedom to roam and explore. Sounds as though you have a little "Madam" in the making with Spice. She is certainly finding her hooves now and doesn't intend to let anyone push her around where foods concerned. I am sure with your patience and kindness she will come around. It's lovely to see them all together - I only hope they realise what lucky girls they are. Don't they all deserve to be treated with love and kindness though. I can't help thinking that animals are the best things this crazy world has.