Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Donkey Derrieres

I must have a thing about donkey boot-ays.  These photos keep appearing.

My precious Frannie

Have I told you Sugar's coloring is very similar;  
I almost called her Fran the other day.

The original three -- Gabs, Fran, Luigi

Actually one of my favorite donkey photos


The little princess, at least in her own mind

Sugar and Spice

My little chubettes


  1. I've missed a couple of your posts! The donkeys are so cute, and fat and healthy looking. They sure are lucky to live there with you. Just wondering if your old hens finally accepted the new ones. Reminded me of how it's been with the new goat I brought home a few weeks ago. Rosie keeps butting and bossing her around. The girls who gave me the new goat told me not to worry. The two will work it out. You just stay out of it, they told me. That's hard to do. I don't want Rosie being mean to Heidi. :) It is hard to watch, isn't it?

    1. Melba, occasionally one of the older hens will tell a newbie that those treats are NOT for her, but mostly everyone is behaving well. Yes, it is hard. As long as I feel sure no one is going to get roughed up too badly, I can let them work it out.

  2. Loved your donkey "bottom" pictures. Sugar and Spice are looking great. What are their personalities like? They look adorable sweet girls.

  3. Hi Janet....I was wondering if I could contact you privately regarding using a picture on this blog. Thank you, Carrie.