Friday, March 30, 2018

Back at SASHA Farm

Wednesday of last week was a good day.  I mean a good day.
It was the first time since surgery that I gave the new knee a test run at SASHA Farm Sanctuary.  For  newcomers to the blog - a friend and I volunteer twice monthly to feed, water and clean.  Its a gift of love to the many rescued residents at the Farm.

And I made it through the whole shift.  That in itself was a reason to celebrate.
Of course, I also got to see my human buddies and all my non-human favorites.
Yes, it was a good day.

Let me introduce you to some of those who allowed a quick pic.

I am partial to the equines and in the middle of this threesome is Walker the mule.  
At my first visit to the Farm as a guest, I donated to help support this gorgeous boy.  
He has remained one of my favorites. 

His counterpart, Angel
Also a beauty, but a little more aloof

Daisy Belle, the belle of the ball

We cannot forget the Jersey Five who preceded Daisy
My, how they've grown since I was there last

The regal Dave Ramsey

And two cuties I cannot introduce by name - oh dear

Last we have little Puck, who clearly had enjoyed the proverbial roll in the hay

It's impossible not to love them all.


  1. You were a real trooper that day. Great to have you back!

  2. I love each and every one of these cuties and how exciting for you to be back in action. The mules and donkeys would be favorites for me too.

  3. Good news that all went well with the knee. I know what you mean when you say it is impossible not to love them all. Lovely photo's, they are all adorable. It is so kind of you to give your time to help with the care of these creatures. It sounded like a good day all round.