Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Faith aka Fay aka Fayray

A number of unusual events gobsmacked us this week.

For starters we went from balmy weather without ice, without snow, without too much mud to this... in a day.  And then we got dumped on again. 

The sweetness of a new spring is out of our grasp again.

So exciting for me, but most likely ho-hum for you -  for the first time since knee surgery, I was able to take a much-missed steamy hot bath.  And get out of the tub.  It takes a big bend of the knees and weight bearing to get up and out and I did it!  Glorioski, it's downright fabulous.

Lastly, and quite significant, a new little girl came to live with us.

About a month off the track and with a foster mom for three weeks, Faith was ready to launch into her new adventure.  She has been with us for less than a week; hardly time to get a full picture of her personality, but we do know she is playful, inquisitive, gentle and has some handy training under her belt.

Is a goofball

And clearly likes to snuggle.

 Gunner is pretty OK with the whole arrangement


  1. Yes, the snow seems to continue....we had a dusting overnight.
    What a beautiful girl Faith is, she looks so young. Looks like she has already settled in nicely, and thank you for rescuing her from a certain end.
    Stay warm, surely Spring will return soon :)

  2. Your new dog is pretty and I like the photo of her rolling around on her back. So cute.

  3. Oh Janet you new girl Faith is beautiful. So glad that Gunner is OK with the situation. She looks as if she is settling in marvellously. Did you intend to get another dog or did she just cross your path at the right time (animals seem to find me!!). It's lovely that you have given a home to a rescue dog - she is one lucky little girl now to have found her forever home with you. I think she has taken very well to her new "daddy" - what a lovely contented photo. Hope the cat doesn't mind too much.

  4. It's always so excited when you get to do normal every day things again after surgery/injuries. I broke my arm 4 years ago and I had a really long recovery, and sometimes I still get excited when I do things I wasn't able to do during my recovery period.