Monday, May 7, 2018

A Chicken Scare And A Boo-boo For Fay

A short aside before the post as it was meant...

I normally call "girls" in the chicken voice I've used since day 1 (or maybe it was day 2) when I need to gather everyone and usually they come a'runnin'.  Because they are well aware that they will get treats.  Well, when I called this afternoon, I only got two hens -- Lily and Lulu (whom I now call Lou most of the time).  Checked the barn -- no girls.  Checked the pasture -- no girls.  Now panic was setting in very nicely.  Please don't tell me I've lost four hens. 

Finally I saw one girl under the tree in a corner of the pasture.  I was thinking oh no, is there only one girl left of the four who should be out there??  Walking nearer, I see four little birds sitting quietly under the tree sheltered by branches, simply enjoying a spring afternoon.  And they were darned if they were going to go back to the coop.
But they were safe.
Whew, it was a huge relief.

But now on to the "real" tale for the day.

Two puppies are bonding nicely.  I use the term puppy loosely --  one is 10 and one is four.  But certainly puppies at heart.

Little Fay

Faith and Gunner strolling companionably, as they often do

Faith managed an owwie on her foot and some good ole vet wrap secured the bandage.
It's vet wrap normally reserved for donkeys 
and the pink is so much nicer on Faith than Luigi.

But then the girl chewed our clever wrap to bits 
so we started anew and put a sock over the whole thing. 
(it's the bottom leg wrapped in white sock) 

One of those handy juvenile socks from the dollar store 
I started using a year or two ago on donkey legs during fly season.  
So handy to have donkey related first aid goodies around!  


  1. So glad your girls were OK Janet and just enjoying the lovely weather. Seems like they have got a bit more daring after their scare and were making the most of their freedom. Hope Faith's leg gets better. It was lovely to hear about her again as I had been wondering how she was getting along. She is one very pretty girl.

    1. Always enjoy your kind comments, Louise. So glad we're blog buddies.

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  3. Janet, I've missed so many of your posts! Seems I can't keep up anymore. Your two new puppies are adorable! I will read back to see if you posted about them before. So glad you found the hens. Those are sweet looking dogs!

    1. Melba, I have trouble keeping up with you and Tennessee Jo!