Sunday, May 20, 2018

Donkey Heaven

Last Sunday marked the spring day in May, our donkeys always yearn for.  The day the gate to the pasture swings open and they can graze contentedly -- for a bit of time at least.


You can just hear that contented sigh.  And all is right with the world.  Until they are asked to come in off that luscious greenery after 90 minutes or so.  Balderdash!

The famous crabapple in the corner of the pasture is abloom.

Famous, you say.  Why so?
It's the very tree I mentioned in the last post where those four loosey goosey chickens were "nesting" and would not leave.  And where two years ago a fox caught Golda off guard and she met her demise.  My little rambunctious Golda.  She was always finding trouble.

Now that the donkeys have time to squabble about this and that, instead of concentrating on eating and keeping warm, it's most interesting to observe the dynamics.  There are times Sugar is certain she is the boss.  She'll run off anyone, except her sister, who interferes with her meal.  The next day I'll see Luigi give her the high sign to scram and he means business.  And the next day I'll see Sugar and Luigi sharing a treat in one of their bowls. 

There's just no knowing with those four hooligans.  


  1. Those sweet girls always make me smile, their antics remind me of my daughter's donkeys....
    Lovely tree in bloom, memories good and sad have taken place under her watch.

  2. Those donkeys sure do look like they are having a great time out there with all that grass. No wonder they don't want to come in - I wonder how you round them all up - do they come running to you (for treats) or do you have to go and catch them? Nice to see them all enjoying life - we have waited a long time for this Spring. The crab apple tree looks wonderful. Enjoy your nice weather with your animal family.