Sunday, June 3, 2018

Non-Donkey Adventures

Adventure #1
Jury Duty, what an eye-opener. 
A day and a half of the trial (no, not murder), closing arguments, detailed instructions from the judge, and then...  I'm chosen as the alternate.  Well, shooterpoopies.  I then leave my fellow jurists while they deliberate and reach a verdict and only return if needed.  Which I wasn't.

Circuit Court Judge Potts

Aventure #2
Broken swing, with me in it. 
A couple of days ago, waiting for the farrier to arrive, I decided to ease my load on the nearby swing.  Canvas foundation - I didn't bother with the cushion.  Hadn't been seated more than a minute or two and wham! Canvas split and my bottom was on the ground with my knees hanging over the metal frame.  No way could I get up on my own.  Thankfully the farrier arrived shortly, she pulled and matters got worse.  I asked her to go to the house for my husband.  The two of them were able to extract me.  Holy moly guacamole.

Last year's shot of the swing

Not what the swing is supposed to look like

Those shadows on the ground are where 
my delicate derriere landed.

Adventure #3
Painting the barn

The barn got a refreshing coat of paint yesterday with the nifty spray device Rick bought.  Pretty painless.

Even the weeds were included and are now lovely.

The exciting piece of news is we're expanding our coop.  Well, actually we're purchasing an additional coop, allowing for a two bedroom condo for the girls.  

I hear you asking, why.  I'm eager to expand so I can get chicks.   I've mentioned our coop isn't big enough to partition babies off (when old enough to be in the coop).  With the additional coop, they can have their own bedroom and run until big enough to integrate with the current gang of marauders.  It will nestle in by the yellow door (see photo above).  
That's next weekend's project, weather permitting. I'll share the process if I can sneak a couple of photos during the dismantling and re-assembly. 


  1. Our neighbor has one of those canvas swings, I need to alert her to the danger of it giving away suddenly, since she lives alone, that wouldn't be good.
    The shed looks great, and more room for chickens, what could be better :)

    1. But our swing is a few years old (maybe 4?) Not real old in my book, though.

  2. Oh ouch, that was a shock to fall from the swing and need help extricating yourself. Hey those flowers near the coop look kinda pretty all spray painted.

  3. Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much Janet and you didn't do any damage to your new Knee - hopefully just your pride was hurt!! Bet you gave the farrier a giggle though ... Barn looks great - all painted up for the summer. New coop to raise new chicks??!! Oh how exciting. Never reared chicks before. I will be waiting with baited breath for the arrival of your babies. Looks like it's going to be a fun packed summer for you - hope you enjoy it.

    1. Louise, the plan (in my head) is to get babies in the spring. Although I could do the fall. Hmmm, have to think about this. I swore I'd never try to integrate 3-month olds in the winter, but the new coop will change things.

  4. Once you get your new coop Janet, I bet you will not be able to wait for the babies. When husband put my new coop together I couldn't wait for my new girls. Isn't it strange how addictive chicken keeping is? When I have lost hens in the past, I have thought "never again" I'm not going through that ... but that feeling doesn't last long. Although my hybrids are not 'designed' to live long lives (all destined for the egg industry, at least the ones I have had have had happy lives with lots of love and attention and have had the enjoyment of the garden. Chickens - strange, curious, funny, entertaining creatures!!!