Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Make It Five Dingbats

I almost started this little story by saying I have four dingbat donkeys.  But, alas, it is probably me who is the dingbat.  Sad, isn't it.

Here's the backstory.

About the beginning of October, I decided it was time to keep the donks off the pasture until snow falls.  This is an annual routine that helps the pasture thrive in the spring.  While the pasture is off-limits they get extra hay, and, walkabouts in the acre or so fenced around our house.  They eat grass, wander through the woods, investigate our bocce court and recently, ATE MY MUMS.

Here's why I was foolish.  They hadn't touched the marigolds or roses, or clematis, (alright, they did eat the dianthus)  so I didn't give much thought to the three mums when I opened the gate and said, "Run free you hellions".

A  (former) white mum with the bedraggled marigolds

This is what I came back to:

One of these was the white one you saw above, plus two newbies.
Eaten down, not quite to the nub.  

I debated whether to purchase substitutes and because I love seeing the color, found a reasonably priced roadside stand and bought these.

I carefully removed them from donkey lip height before letting the dingbats loose a few days ago.

Can't fool me twice!


  1. Aw gee Mom they thought you had a special treat for them!

  2. Ooh dear, I can only imagine the pleasure it brought to these little ones :)
    Those new pots are beautiful colors !

  3. Cheeky donkeys - they must have thought you had left them some special treats to eat. I wouldn't have thought that they would have eaten the flowers. Your new pots are gorgeous colours and you have now learnt your lesson and wont be fooled twice!! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I'm sorry, but you made me laugh. Those eaten plants look so funny. Oh, but the new ones are beautiful! Sweet little donkeys!!