Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Post Vacation Greetings

A couple of weeks ago, Rick and I returned from a Utah tour of National Parks.  It was decidedly hot for hiking, but the views were spectacular.  We toured Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion.  Pictures will have to wait; I had a hiccup with the "real" camera.  Hopefully, I can retrieve them. 

But I'm not going to sweat it.

Upon our return I asked the donks and the hens, "Did you miss me?", expecting some demonstration of affection.  Not so much.  Although the clucks may have been a little more attentive than usual.  The donkeys on the other hand... 

Is Luigi saying hi or giving me the rasberries.

On a side note, I think all chickens should have donkey poop to play around in.  They think it's kind of wonderful.


  1. Sounds like you had an interesting vacation Janet - so glad you enjoyed it. We got back from Majorca, Spain a couple of weeks ago. When we collected the girls I had three healthy ones and one poorly one. Hadn't got a clue what was wrong with her (and it was one of my young girls Ivy who is only 9 months old). She was lethargic, crown down not eating much and had the runs. Thank goodness, she has picked up again now after a couple of nice Spa baths. Something must have upset her system as she has stopped laying. I am putting it down to her eating something she shouldn't in the lady's garden or being bullied a bit by the older girls (which they still do when they get the chance). Anyway, fingers crossed, she's doing OK now. I think these chickens will be the death of me!!!! Loved your video of your girl in the donkey poop. Looks like good fun - if you're a chicken!! Nice to hear from you again Janet.

  2. Majorca! Sounds wonderful.
    Didn't know you have 4 girls now, Louise. Glad your young baby is semi-back to normal. Know what you mean about how worrisome they can be. But worth it!