Monday, February 4, 2019

Tools Of The Trade

Within the past eight days we have had ice, heavy snow, polar votex, then back to ice and mud.
All within Eight Days!
And yet, not many who have lived in Michigan find this unusual.

Eight days ago I was using my cleats

a walking stick with a sharp end to stab the ice

and a torch to get the gate latch open

A week ago the snow came.  Oh boy, did it come!
A muck rake is a fine snow clear a path for the manure wheelbarrow.

If you peek through the bushes below, you can see Rick plowing the driveway.

And now after days with temperatures in the 40's, the snow has melted down to the ice hiding beneath.  Ergo the combo of ice and mud.  


I'd much prefer a winter of snow, just snow, please.


  1. That ice looks absolutely dangerous. I have read about the Polar Vortex that you have been experiencing in America. It always amazes me that you seem to have so much mixed weather. Hope you keep safe and warm. I'm personally looking forward to the Spring and a little warmer weather.

  2. Last week we had a lot of snow, which when that happens in the UK everything grinds to a halt!! It only lasted a couple of days but it has been very cold. This week temperatures are up to about 8C degrees during the day (last week it was about 3 degrees). At the moment, however, the weather is horrid. It is pouring down and very windy and the forecasters have said we are going to get a lot more wind tomorrow. I would rather it be cold than all this wind and rain. My poor girls are not venturing out of their coops today and I don't blame them.