Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ice Woes

I write this having just come back inside from morning feed.  The first words to Rick, "Well, that was semi-hideous!"

All of us are now officially tired of the snow and ice.  Shouldn't come as a surprise; by late February we're always more than ready for some weather changes.  The problem lies in the transition.

This morning upon leaving the cozy (and may I add ice-free house) the thermometer said 41 degrees (F).  OK, that bodes well.  Confidently I strode out only to encounter smooth-as-silk ice leaving the garage and again when leaving the driveway to veer over to the donkey yard.  Pure, unadulterated ice.  No patches of crunchy snow to gain some footing.  Nope.  I had not worn my cleats -- the driveway looked like a dream.  Foolish me.

No traction whatsoever.  I was sliding down the very small incline down into the donkey yard.  Hanging on to the fence posts for support.  I made no attempt to bring the manure wheelbarrow in - can't do that while hanging on to fence posts!

So to sum up -- donkeys are sick of it and are longingly gazing at the pasture saying, "when will it be green again?"  Chickens are tired of the snow impeding their outside adventures.

I think the only one who doesn't seem fazed is Gunner, who can always find ways to root around without slippage.


  1. Hold on Janet - I am sure Spring is not too far away now. I bet you will be so glad to get rid of that ice and cold weather. This week in UK we have seen temperatures rising - unseasonably warm for the time of year. It was only a couple of weeks ago we were in snow and freezing temperatures and this week, believe it or not, we are seeing 18 degrees with blue sky and sunshine. Predicted to be a bit cooler at the weekend (typical when I am off work!!). Anyway, take care on that ice and look forward to the Spring. Are you still planning on getting chicks this Spring?

    1. Louise, no chicks for me. Because I offered to take four of the hens from the farm that closed in November, I don't have room for more bodies. Even with the two bedroom coop!