Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Chicken Poop Be gone!

Finally, winter ickiness from the chicken coop has been cleaned out.  Hallelujah!

The girls were passionate, if not effective assistants.  In my way pretty much the whole time.  But now we have clean shavings fit for the little princess vultures.  Of course it didn't stay poop-free for very long.  Alas.

And the second bedroom in their 2-bedroom condo.

The far door leads to the porch...

... filled with fresh straw.  I hadn't realized how much straw I had gradually put in there over the past few months; it took two mighty full wheelbarrow loads to cart the soiled (that's a pretty charming word for what we all know it was) straw away.

But now for the BIG news.

The donkeys' favorite farrier, Koren, came for the first spring visit today to provide pedicure services and little Sugar, who usually runs away and has to be corralled into the barn to get worked on, was a cooperative angel.  It's a huge turnaround for this little girl and I'm pleased as punch.


Because of her exemplary behavior, she was rewarded with many carrot pieces, rubs, and "what a good girl"s.  I hope the next farrier visit goes even better!


  1. Oh your chicken coop looks so fresh and clean. I can't stand to even walk inside mine. It's a mess. I've got to get it cleaned but keep finding other things that need to be cleaned. Does your coop have a dirt floor? Ours does. There is a cow pasture a few miles from here that I drive past every time I leave the house...and they have recently added a solid white donkey. He is adorable, and a full size donkey. I am in love with him and want to stop and pet him. I still dream of owning a donkey.

    1. I'm not sure I've ever seen a solid white donkey. Take a photo and put it on your blog. And go give him a hug!

  2. My daughter cleaned her coop out yesterday, now...all clean and strawy :)
    Good news on the donkey behavior, vanilla wafers works well with my daughter's donkeys, trouble is, they don't know when enough is enough !

  3. It makes you feel so much better when you have cleaned out the coop. You have a wonderful set-up there Janet for your girls. What first class accommodation they have. What a good donkey she was too behaving so well for the farrier. You see that is your love and care that has brought around the change in her. Well done you and well done Sugar. Hope you and yours have had a lovely Easter. We have had some glorious weather over this bank holiday weekend (makes a change as it usually rains in Cheshire every single bank holiday). My girls have had lots of playing out in the garden time and dustbaths. I am afraid now though it is back to work (doom and gloom). Hope you are enjoying some Spring like weather too.

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