Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Leaping into Spring

Oh yes, oh yes.  It took us an interminably long time to get here, but the season of revitalization has arrived.
Spring, spring, spring.

And the irrefutable signs?  Donkeys taking luxurious sun baths, instead of huddling in the barn.

Check out the two in the background

And then there are the sand hill cranes.  We have had a resident couple in our rural neighborhood for years. They slowly wander from yard to yard on those long stilt-like legs.  So peaceful.  Although they have raised the ire of neighbors by meandering through their vegetable garden, grazing at will.

The past few days they've been checking out our pasture, but I just have not been able to catch a good photo.  Instead I'll give you a past look at the couple.  They just make me smile.

Couple with offspring.  

Now I'm assuming the same couple has returned year after year, but perhaps the offspring have taken over residency.  


  1. It's lovely to see the donkeys basking in the sunshine, they do love a good roll...
    Those sand cranes are huge birds, and look quite at home :)
    Happy Spring !

  2. Yes finally we are getting a taste of Spring here as well in UK. It does seem that we have waited such a long time though. Lovely to see the donkeys enjoying the sunshine. I have never heard of a Sand Crane before - what lovely birds and I am sure they are a very welcome sight. They are very much like herons or Egrets - perhaps they are all part of the Stork family. Nevertheless, lovely to see them.

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