Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Donkeys Eating...and Not Sharing (!)

Donkeys can get protective of their food, I suppose as most mammals can.  Specifically Miss Sugar (yes, I've named names) illustrates non-sharing on a grand scale. 

Here you'll see Sugar telling her sister, Spice, with text book body language "stand back *itch!"
Ears are flat back, she spins her rear end in a semi-circle to push Spice away and snorts -- with gusto.  Luigi and Gabs ignore her, as do the chickens, which never ceases to surprise me.

In contrast here you'll see night time feeding.  Calm reigns supreme. The gentle munching, so soothing.

And in an unguarded moment, I caught them napping.  Seldom am I able to drive in past the four without arousing them to fevered braying begging for yet another meal.


  1. Love your video clips Janet. I think Sugar really meant business, cheeky girl. Gabs and Luigi were very content to share. I agree that the sound of them all munching on their hay is very soothing indeed. I love looking at your place and am very envious of the land you have. Absolutely ideal for donkeys and chickens. Your post made me smile and I am in need of a smile at the moment. I took Olive (one of my younger hens) to the vets last Wednesday. She is very bloated and I was concerned it was EYP. However, they could not get any fluid out and so offered me an ultra sound. The outcome is not good as they have said it is probably a tumour. Had the most stressful day waiting to collect her and then given bad news. I wish I had not put her through that day, in hindsight. I should have realised that if there was no fluid to drain, then it would be something more serious. I really feel I made the wrong decision in putting her through a stressful time. I should have refused ultra sound and I know that money is not the issue with these animals, but it all turned out so very expensive, with no cure in sight, so all a waste of time and worry. She is still enjoying her days in the garden with her sisters, so each day is precious. This chicken keeping lark is a real learning curve. Hope you are all well and safe there. Best wishes, Louise.

    1. Oh Louise, I am so very sorry. Please do not berate yourself. All we can do is what we think is the right decision at the moment. I try hard to allow myself that kindness. You are such a compassionate person. Remember that.