Monday, May 18, 2020

Driveway Grazing

We're oh so close to flinging wide the pasture gate and allowing the donkeys a bit of time to luxuriate in new grass.  But not quite.  A few more inches of new growth would be ideal.  We've had rain and rain and more rain the past couple of days and are due for some temps in the 70's so the grass should shoot up.  I know the donkeys will be ecstatic.

But in the meantime, I sit with them in the driveway so they can munch munch munch on something other than hay.

We're looking toward the house

and the view toward the road (with my repaired chair)

Sugar gets the spotlight, up close and personal


  1. Sugar is so cute, who needs a lawn mower with these guys at work eating? The idea of sitting watching donkeys eat sounds so relaxing.

  2. Just loved this video. The sound of Sugar munching is relaxing and what lucky donkeys they are. Loved the view towards your house and the sound of the birds singing and happy donkeys munching - doesn't get much better than that!!