Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Visitors to Our Teeny Tiny Farm

 Sometimes we have visitors pop in.  Some hop in, some slither in, and some fly in.

And some walk in.
I'd say about half of the human kind who wander in are smitten with either the chickens or the donkeys, or both.

And here's the perfect example of smitten.

Amy oohed and aahed and generally fell in love with the donks.  And it was reciprocal.  Anyone who will give treats and scratch a derriere is A-OK in the world of donkeys. 


And, of course, I believe they know those who have kind hearts and generous spirits.

From many years ago, back with the original three amigos, long-time friend Diana was completely in love.

You can see the joy on her face.

The neighbors next door are a little more blase.


Donkeys, yea, what's the big deal.  

And the three babies in the middle don't give the donks a second look.  Too busy growing up in the world.


  1. So nice to have friends visit. Amy and Diana look as if they were having as much fun as the donkeys.

  2. I'm not sure who enjoys the visits more...the visitors or the donkeys :)

  3. Oh Janet how I would love to visit you and your wonderful animals. I can do derriere scratching to!! Your friends look as if they are having a great time - most envious. Just a little up date for you as I am not sure I have told you - I lost Rose a couple of months ago and I lost Olive two weeks ago (on the day of my mother in law's funeral). What a day I can tell you!! Olive had an underlining condition that baffled the vets and although I expected her to not last too long, it was still a shock. Thank fully she went peacefully in her own home and did not suffer and for that I am grateful. So I was left with Violet, who is now over four and a half and Ivy, who is two years younger. I went through the old feelings of 'that's it - no more' too much heartache. With Violet getting on in age I was worried about Ivy being on her own. Last Wednesday I gave a home to two youngsters, who are settling in rather well. They are little brown Warren hens and they are five months old and absolutely beautiful. So we welcomed Vera (in honour of Vera Lynn) and Agnes. They are a little bit of happiness after a very dark time. As always, kind regards, Louise.