Monday, October 26, 2020

Fall Transitions in Chonkey Land

Its time to face the facts.  Fall is well underway and I cannot stop the progression to winter.

The leaves are falling, carpeting our patch of woods.

The mums are radiant.

But its time to prep the teeny tiny farm for winter.  Fans have been stored, the pasture is now off limits to donks, and with the advent of chilly nights, bedding is lush.

OK, maybe it doesn't look quite lush in this photo, but after it's been smoothed out, the donkeys settle right in.  I explained to readers last winter, after 10 years of using pine shavings, the beasts started eating them.  The donks did not offer a logical explanation for this crazy behavior.  These are hydrated shavings which, yup, require water.  Difficult if you're in the dead of a Michigan winter and looking at sub-zero temps.  But, for the moment, that's the logical option.

The porch off the chicken coop is getting bulked up with straw providing an insulated area to get some fresh air when snow is on the ground.  Haven't put the radiant heater in the coop yet.  Yes, I've read many articles on the pros and cons of using a heater.  I am waiting a bit longer this year to give the girls some extra overnight warmth to allow them to acclimate to the temps.  But when it starts getting really really chilly, it will be turned on.

 Fall means a ready supply of carrots for the donks and pumpkin for the hens.

 Winter coats on the donks are coming in nicely. 

Spice has nice waves, without the burden of a perm!

Thankfully we haven't quite bottomed out at night to warrant turning off the water supply to the trough, which will then necessitate hauling water.  That's my time to moan and groan.

What's fall bringing to your neck of the woods?



  1. Fall is making my garden look very messy and unloved. Lots of tidying up jobs to do, just got to get the inspiration. Very chilly at the moment but at least it is dry today so that means wrapping up warmly and 'playing out' with the girls in the garden. They love all the fallen leaves and garden mess - brilliant for bug hunting! For years I have bought the girls pumpkins in October and for years they have completely ignored them. So this year no more pumps. Do your girls enjoy them Janet? I believe they are really good for them and act as a natural wormer.

    1. Louise, they don't like them every day, but I give them maybe a quarter of a small one every 3 days or so and by the next day it's been picked pretty clean. Surprisingly the donks turn up their nose.

  2. Your mums are beautiful. Mine not so much. Fall is definitely a transition time. I love the fall colors but could sure do without the cold.