Monday, November 9, 2020

Bits and Pieces

 We're experiencing abnormally warm weather in Michigan so the donks appreciated some munching time in the driveway where the grass is abundant.  (it has to be warm as I sit in my chair toward the end of the driveway and act as traffic guard so no one wanders too far)

I haven't had the heart to tell the donks this will probably be the last driveway time for the season.

Mama cow giving me the evil eye because I didn't bring carrots out for all the bovine beauties next door

I wouldn't dare mention any names but someone was a bit messy in his dining experience.  Did you guess who it was.  Hmmm...

Before the era of chickens at our teeny tiny farm I purchased a decorative item for the barn at one of my favorite resale shops.  When Rick added on the coop, it was no longer visible and down she came.  It was finally relocated to the side of the barn this summer, but it's loveliness is tarnished by all the areas the donks have nibbled through the fence that runs along the side of the barn.  Yes, the fence was put up so they would not nibble the barn -- you just can't win with these beasts.


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