Monday, September 27, 2021

Good and Bad and Hope at the Coop

 What's new at the chicken coop, you ask.  Well let me fill you in.

Last week we took a mini vaca to a spot about four hours north of our home in Michigan, Charlevoix.  While gone, the jim-dandy housesitter, Jess, texted to say a huge gob of insulation had fallen from the ceiling of one side of the chicken coop.  What the heck??  

Jess did a thorough job of getting that mess away from the hens, thank goodness. When we returned, that was one of the first tasks Rick jumped on.  No idea how/why it happened.

Handyman Rick also installed a new little chicken door that can be used when the girls are out free ranging.  If they need to get back in the coop.  To lay an egg.  Sometimes those needs are urgent.  Ask the girls.

   And, if one of the girls is in a nesting box when the rest of the flock go out for free range time, they're now not stuck in the coop for the duration.  They can hop out the door and join the gang.

As I was cleaning out a long-forgotten box in the house, I came upon prayer flags.  Perfect for all of us at this point in time, including my well loved hens.

 If you're like me, you've encountered a lot of ill will/hostility/finger pointing in the last few months. I think we can all agree negativity has permeated the air.   It's been somewhat brutal.

 Prayer flags can help clear that air and replace it with the positivity we all need.


  1. Hi Janet, you certainly have a very handy talented husband. The little door is perfect and once again you do everything to enhance the life your girls have. I do hope they appreciate it. I have never heard of prayer flags before. Must say they look great in the girls run. Not sure how they work to create positivity but anything is worth a go in these peculiar times. I sometimes think the worlds gone mad. At the moment here in UK we cannot get any fuel. People have been panic buying and all the pumps have dried up. It apparently is not for lack of petrol/diesel but lack of HGV delivery drivers. Yet another worry as I look after elderly parents and need the car. So yes lets hope there's some positivity all around.

    1. Louise, here's a brief blurb on the prayer flags.

      Tibetan Prayer Flags are colorful, rectangular cloths that hung outside and used to promote compassion, peace, strength, and wisdom. They are also used to carry prayers and mantras through the wind.

      There are two different kinds of prayer flags: Lung-ta, meaning wind horse, and Dar Cho, where “Dar” means to increase fortune, wealth, health and life and “Cho” means all sentient beings

      Lung-ta flags are hung horizontally in sets of five. The five flags are in order according to their color and meaning:

      Blue symbolizes the sky and space
      White symbolizes the air and wind
      Red symbolizes fire
      Green symbolizes water
      Yellow symbolizes Earth

      Oh my, no fuel. That dilemma hasn't hit us (yet) in the U.S. However, we feel the shortage of workers at the grocery stores, restaurants, etc. I'm hoping your path is smooth in caring for your parents.