Monday, November 1, 2021

Scenes From a Teeny Tiny Farm

 Continued rain has caused the donkey yard to become a sloppy, muddy mess.  Donkeys, chickens and people are all slogging and slipping through the stuff.  Sometimes I feel like I'm living in these boots!

The good news is there's no rain on the horizon for the rest of the week so cross your fingers it dries up.

The rain did its job of filling any and all receptacles.  Including the metal chicken waterer that is waiting for cold weather, warranting the heater (hence the need for metal).  Our original metal waterer finally bit the dust earlier this year and this new one is harder than heck to slide apart.  I got tired of struggling and turned to the plastic one (yuck) for the time being.  Anyway, it's been sitting outside the gate and when the new little girls snuck out they stopped for a drink.

They've lined up nicely in order of color.
From left to right:  Violet, Jewel, Henrietta.

Soggy Spice with her Flying Nun ears

Sometimes you just catch that perfect photo -- Sugar Booger

And sometimes it's time to pause during chores for a moment to look around, or up, and take note of the wonder

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  1. Oh poor Spice she does look soggy. Much the same here though with the mud as we have had nothing but rain and really heavy rain at times. I have forgotten but do you put coats on the donks, especially when the really cold weather hits? You are right about sometimes stopping and pausing the see the wonder in things. It's the little things, perhaps everyday things, that we take for granted. It's good to stop and look closely at nature as it lifts the spirits, especially in these peculiar times we are living through. Keep the boots on Janet and also the thick warm socks inside.