Monday, February 14, 2022

Donkeys Refuse to Shovel

 I have a confession.  I am a leave-too-many-tabs-open-on-my-computer aholic.  It's true.  And sometimes that can cause a problem when trying to post a new blog post.  Last week I had photos ready to transfer from my phone to the PC to begin a blog story, but due to the many tabs, my computer said no.  Not going to happen.  Let's give it a whirl now.

A couple of weeks ago we got warnings of a h-u-g-e snowstorm coming.  Where we are located in Michigan the deluge didn't occur.  Perhaps 6-8" fell.

Here's the perfect map to show you where we're located.  Pinpoint halfway between Ann Arbor and Flint and you've got it. 

I've probably showed you this driveway shot before, but I'm telling you, every time it snows it's my favorite scene.

Of course now it's two week later.  The snow got packed down and now footing is getting dicey.  Hard packed snow can be difficult, let alone the ice.  I'm choosing footing carefully on parts of the driveway and in the donkey yard and the donks are too.

When the snow first fell, it was my job to shovel paths in the donkey yard.  The three ladies can form their own, but they prefer for me to shoulder the heavy labor.  Not only do the donks need the paths, but Rick and I do too to bring in the water on the sled and to wheel in the manure wheelbarrow.  Problems arise when the path gets blocked.  There are no passing lanes.  And yes, the little black nuggets you see is manure frozen in place.  It gets a little unsightly quickly.  Avert your gaze if necessary.

Then it's time to clear out eating areas.  Two or three is best as Sugar and Spice are very good at crowding Gabby out.

On the left you can see one of the official eating areas.  The other two donks are finishing off Sunday hot slop in bowls, while Violet investigates what's left in the third bowl.

Speaking of that little devil, here is a close-up of the hellion

The weather forecast on my phone says we can expect 5-8" on Thursday so I guess I'd better do my arm exercises to get ready to start the path/dining areas fun all over again!

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