Monday, January 31, 2022

Eat in the Snow? Phooey Say the Donks

 I haven't had the heart to tell the donks about the big snow storm that's reported to be descending on us this week.  They'll moan and groan about "having to" stay in the barn with their heads peeking out the open front.  As we all know these three little donka-doos don't particularly like the snow.  Except for the lightest of snowfalls.  That is permissible.

Gabby agrees to stay out with a dusting of snow when hot slop is served

Sugar decides sharing is good (having just left her own bowl)

Sugar and Spice say the little dusting of snow is turning into hazardous conditions and come in the barn to finish breakfast, at which point Gabs checks all three bowls for leftovers

The birds and squirrels get fed regularly off the back deck.  In early winter I bought a 50# bag of shelled peanuts for the critters and hens.  When put in the squirrel feeder, the blue jays are drawn like magnets.

* * * * * * Say Yes * * * * * *

Usually we turn to thick, dense, hearty soups in the cold winter months.  This soup is a bit lighter for those times dense isn't calling to you.  I've actually had it for breakfast when the flavor combo just sounded right.  And it's vegan!

Vegan Lemon Rice Soup 

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