Monday, March 14, 2022

We Tried Our Best

 What I intentionally neglected to tell you last Monday was one of the JoannieLu's started exhibiting symptoms of "something" that morning.  I attended to her frequently that day, following expert guidance.  She died early Tuesday afternoon.

JoannieLu front right

 I, perhaps foolishly, felt we could doctor her successfully as (knock on wood) we've treated two girls recently and they are now flourishing. But it was not so.
Chicken physiology is so fragile, so many possibilities for one symptom.  And here I told you in a recent post we had "beat" the February curse.  Well, we did, but only by a week. 

A few days ago I made an expensive trip to Tractor Supply and, in addition to the essentials, came out with a couple of finds. 

There's just nothing to compare with a begging donkey face.

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One of my favorite indulgences


  1. Aww, so very sorry. Chickens are temperamental little souls, I should buy that book for my daughter the farmer, she's had her share of problems.
    What a sweet little donkey, I just love them to bits.

    1. Jo, if your daughter likes to use more natural remedies before pulling out the pharmaceuticals, suggest she check out Fresh Eggs Daily. A fifth generation chicken keeper with lots of good suggestions.

  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of one of your girls Janet. I know you would have done everything for her, but these things just unfortunately happen. It is a mine field where chooks are concerned. Sometimes our remedies work, sometimes they don't. Even after vet treatment I lost Mary the next day. You just never can tell what the outcome will be. Nowadays I tend to look for remedies myself, instead of one time rushing off the the vets and stressing the chicken out and myself. You are right there is good advice from Fresh Eggs Daily.

    1. Your support never fails to make me feel better! Thanks, Louise.