Monday, March 28, 2022

From Chonkeyland to the House

 Let's take a wander in the house this Monday and see what we can find.

First we have a birthday puppy.  Faith turned 8 yesterday and we celebrated with extra "cookies". 

She likes to show her coquettish side to get her chest rubbed

Gunner, at a mature 14, is slowing down and experiencing some pain issues.  But he still loves a leisurely stroll in the woods and eating donkey manure.  He got birthday cookies too.


Show of hands -- who's of a certain age to remember one of these as a kid?

I do.  My mom's was gray  And I think it was bigger.
I have to tell you it works better than I anticipated.  It's so handy for a quick clean-up without getting out the vacuum.  A good purchase for this house.

Over the weekend I whipped up some beet pickled eggs -- first time.


Now they marinate in the frig for a couple of weeks.  Here's hoping.

Peggy Sue was very pleased I made (and peeled) seven eggs.  That meant a bonanza of egg shells for the girls. 

She recognizes the jar they're kept in and starts getting so excited when I reach for that jar in the coop.  Chickens dumb? -- I don't think so!

I needed a spring boost recently and brought home these beauties.  

Just the color boost the house needed.


  1. Happy birthday Faith. What a pretty girl she is and Gunner is very stunning. Lovely dogs!! Could do with a little colour boost myself. Might treat myself this weekend. Have a lovely weekend Janet and hope Faith had a lovely birthday.