Monday, April 18, 2022

Scenes From a Teeny Tiny Farm

 As I look out the window at a couple of inches of snow, I am inclined to leave the weather out of today's discussion.  We're just ignoring it.

In that spirit, at our house, if the windmill appears on the scene it must be spring.  And voila.

A visitor stopped by the other day to have a quick beverage.  She didn't stop to chat, but scooted off busy with the business of the day.

Sugar left her morning hay, too too tempted by the bird seed thrown for the girls. 

This gives you a small taste of what the donkey song sounds like at almost every meal.  Imagine standing about a foot away...

And finally, a beautiful spring evening descends.



  1. Glad that Spring has finally found you Janet. As always, loved your little videos. The donks and the girls look great and I really wouldn't mind being a foot away, they are adorable.

    1. Oh Louise, being a foot away, when they're in full song, is kind of deafening!