Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Scenes from the Coop

 Before we wander out to the coop, I encountered a surprise on the deck and I have to show you.  Friend Diane gave me a luscious pot of chives last summer.  I harvested much of it and left the pot on the deck all winter, assuming what was unused was gone.  Ha!  Look what's peeking up.  Amazing it survived a Michigan winter unprotected.

 I didn't feel like taking the time to make the chickens my own suet version so took the easy route with the store bought block.

The girls were skeptical at first.  The next day there was no sign anyone had bothered with it.  Nor the net day.  And then suddenly the suet holder was open and empty.  Hmmm...  I'm thinking those lazy hens just didn't want to work to get the goodies and waited for it to flip open. 

This scene was supposed to give you a taste of the different voices of our flock.  Some are high pitched and chirpy, some are throatier.  But of course they stopped talking once I got my phone out and all you can hear are my chirps.

And lastly I'm showing off a gift I received a couple of days ago from friend Denise.  Let's assume it's true! 

and the flip side

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  1. Loved seeing your girls Janet. They all look so happy and healthy. Loved the chicken suet block, how cool!! You spoil them you know, but why not?!!!