Monday, May 16, 2022

The Pasture Has been Opened, let the celebration begin

 Chonkeys are happy.  Well, most of the time.  They still believe they are being starved beyond imagination and feel the need to yell at me.  But finally they have been allowed pasture time and they are happy.  

Donks are only allowed a short time per day as is usual with spring grass.  But they seem content with even this short time.  And the hens have been allowed short free range time.  It seems migration is mostly over here and with it, a lesser chance of them contracting avian influenza.  I hope.  After only an hour, the bird girls are back in the yard ready for treats.  I don't have to herd them in from the pasture.  it's a little odd.

Spice, Sugar and Gabs are mostly cooperative

You met Stella last week.  She's happy too and blooming her heart out.

 * * * * * *Just Say Yes * * * * * *

I  have been waiting and waiting for this product to reappear on my local Kroger supermarket shelf and last week my wishes were answered. 


If you have access to Netflix, I'd recommend the movie "What the Health".  The health effects of eating meat and dairy are explored and it's not a pretty picture.  A meat eating friend viewed it and came away with a new attitude.  Catch it if you can.



  1. Happy little donkeys, that makes me smile :) I'm going to try your pudding, it looks delicious.

  2. Love seeing your videos Janet. I bet the donks are loving all that beautiful pasture and I do believe chickens will do anything for treats. My three are going mad for grapes at the moment. They love them.