Monday, June 13, 2022

Yoo Hoo, Chickie Chicks

 Donkeys are deliriously happy.  First cutting hay has arrived.  Fresh and oh so green.  It is positively lip smacking good.

And speaking of lip smacking, if it's summer it must be tabouli time.  In our house there are certain dishes one only enjoys during certain seasons.  Tabouli is one.
But wait.  We don't prepare it in the traditional fashion with lots of parsley to be eaten as a salad.  No no.  It is stuffed into pocket bread (with your favorite condiment) and eaten as a sandwich.

From my 1978 Moosewood cookbook:

Throw in whatever veggies you have in the frig and you have a tasty summer dinner.

I've said it before (probably on many occasions) that the general public does not give chickens their due when it comes to intelligence and personality traits.  My girls are chock full of personality and sometimes smarts.  And, so you ask, who of the flock knows her name? 

Without question Sweet Pea.  But she's been with me seven years.  And comes when called (well, when she feels like it).

Next, I think Fluffy knows her name.  She has only lived here since August 2019, adopted from the Michigan Humane Society.  No she doesn't come when called, but whenever she's around while I'm doing chores and I say her name, she immediately chats back.  Every time.

Fluffy top
Violet, bottom

Peggy Sue was one of the girls we rescued from a farm that was getting sold in 2018.  We literally got the last four hens of a 100 chicken flock.  Peggy comes when called, although sometimes I have to call three or four times.  But hey, same with the dogs.

The moral of the story -- don't shortchange the girls.  They're talkative, like to help with chores,  strongly bond to people, and best of all, are often hilarious. 



  1. Couldn't agree more Janet. They are so full of their own personalities and likes and dislikes. I also think my girls know their names (husband laughs at this, but I tell him it is so true). Such complicated little creatures that at times give us so much worry healthwise, but my goodness they are funny and friendly (apart from Aggie - who still thinks I want to eat her after having her for two years!!) and are little individuals that we love so much and are part of our family.

    1. Yes! One of the other girls should have a talk with Aggie. How many hens do you have now?

  2. My daughter shares conversations with her girls often :) they are laying dozens of eggs despite the heat. Lucky donkeys to have such a caring mum.

  3. Your moral of the story is absolutely spot on.