Monday, August 1, 2022

A Little of This, A Little of That

 It's dry dry dry here.  
The pasture is mostly brown grass so the donks just go out to nibble what they can and walk around.  

In the morning they get a brief walkabout just outside the donkey yard (it's still brown grass but different brown grass), though I have to keep an eye on them while doing chores as they like to eat my lovely flowers -- you can see Stella is up on a chair as I will not let them nibble her!

The chickens don't seem to be as affected by the dry conditions.  It doesn't stop their morning explorations.

Nor does it affect their odd egg laying habits -- their preference for one nesting box over another is a mystery to me.

Because the cherry tomatoes are watered daily they are growing and growing.  

I started using an Earth Box last year as we had awful luck with tomatoes in the ground or in giant pots.  My guess is our puny harvests were related to having the garden so close to the woods, but that's just a layman's guess.  Anyway the Earth Box is g-r-e-a-t.

Turning away from chonkeys, we visited a local art gallery over the weekend with a special exhibit, Flight".  I could have watched this all afternoon.

 Clouds at the tippy top with gold cranes hanging off the rotating wire circles.  I simply loved it.


  1. You are so blessed to have such cute donkey friends, and they are fortunate to live in such a haven. The video shows the art installation to be mesmerizing.

  2. The girls will find plenty of places to dust bath in your dry conditions no doubt. They are so lucky to have all that freedom (I hope they realise that!!). Your tomatos look like they are doing so well in your earth box. Never had any success with growing tomatos outdoors. I just have three plants in pots in my greenhouse. I'll be lucky if I get a handful of toms, but they'll be special homegrown toms. I just love the concept of growing things, but unfortunately don't have that much room here. Lots of love to the donks and girls and of course the puppies. How is the new boy doing by the way?

    1. Phinny is doing splendidly! Such a good boy, except his desire to go out and explore every 5 minutes. My guess is he didn't have that much room to wander at his previous house. So I try to be patient, but...