Monday, October 17, 2022

Cardboard Boxes and Crab Cakes

 First an update, then current tales.

Gigi was confined for a week without free range time  to help heal her owwie leg.  And then she started to get pretty morose.  So she's been out with the rest of the flock.  Still a slight limp but not as severe.  I'm just hoping with time it heals completely.

But Gabs is lame again.  It's just the weirdest thing.  So vet is coming out tomorrow.  I know I shouldn't  confess to having a favorite, but I do.  Gabby must get better!

On to current exploits.

The chickens just love nesting in the hay/straw aisle.  I caught Stevie in the act of carving out the perfect nest.  Volume up to hear the "I'm so happy with my egg laying spot" song.

And here two of the new girls cannot contain their enthusiasm for an open feed can.

I tried an experiment with the donks which I'm not sure I'll repeat.  Perhaps I'll check with the vet first, since she'll be here tomorrow.  I was duplicating someone else's idea.

Why not take a fairly sturdy cardboard box, cut some holes and stuff it with hay.  Gives the donks some entertainment and they can't do much damage.

Within two hours it was flattened and by the next morning only scraps remained.

This past Sunday was somewhat balmy (50's) so I sat with the hyenas in the driveway watching them  enjoy the remaining luscious grass.  The sheep next door were quite interested.

* * * * * * Just Say Yes * * * * * *

I have had the hardest time finding my favorite vegan crab cakes.  probably for 3-4 years.  I find them sporadically which is confusing.  A couple of weeks ago we were in Grand Rapids visiting my son and his girlfriend and went to a small market.  I found my crab cakes and was squealing with delight.

Of course I scooped up several packages!


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