Monday, October 10, 2022

Meet the New Girls

 The cutest shot yet of the new girls:

l-r:  Stevie (Nicks), Cora Bell, Gigi 

After being segregated for a few days. they are settling in to the routine nicely, but being bullied.  It seems to be worse when I around - I think the older girls know there could be treats and are determined those blasted new kids on the block are not going to get any.

Sweet Pea stops by to says hi to the new girls

When Gigi started limping I again checked for a local chicken vet.  This time I googled avian vet, found one less than 30 minutes away and called to see if their clients included chickens.  Yes yes yes!!

I had no idea what to do for a leg issue and could not imagine this little six-month old living the rest of her life with a significant limp, so off to the vet she and I went. Diagnosis, a knee issue with a wait and watch prescription.  Not sure if I see any improvement.  She is not allowed to free range with the other girls to try and curtail use of that leg, but gets extra treats sprinkled with an immune booster.

Cora Bell has taken Violet's place as my shadow and loves to be picked up.

Back story on the girls:  Animal control in a southeast MI community picked up the girls as the municipality's ordinance did not allow hens.  They were taken to the Michigan Humane Society's farm.  My guess is they were raised from chicks as they're so agreeable to being cuddled.  Sad story, but the moral is know your ordinance.   

Before we quickly brought in all the plants on the deck as overnight temps were plunging, I captured some late blooms.

the bougainvillea hasn't bloomed in years, 
but I happened to move it midsummer and it said I like this spot 

this begonia is also years old and continues to bloom up a storm

the burning bush's finest year yet


  1. Your new girls are fortunate to find a home with you and I hope the one with the limp heals. Love the bougainvillea and the burning bush.

  2. Lucky new girls to have found a home with you on your homestead. They look adorable. Are they a certain breed? Hope the little girl with the limp improves.but perhaps she will just adapt to life with her little limp and still enjoy a healthy happy life.

    1. Louise, you may be right about Gigi and her limp. She's moving more quickly but I don't know if that means she's improving or she's simply adjusting.