Monday, December 19, 2022

Chonkey Photo Cavalcade

 There are plenty of holiday preparations left undone so tonight's post will be primarily a photo extravaganza, of sorts.

We'll begin with the absurd.
My chicken voice.  It's ridiculous but effective.

Gigi and Stevie are the only girls who tolerate putting their little footsies in the snow.

Gigi shows off her mountaineering skills.

Three maniacs plead for treats

Henrietta does not receive memo that molting season is over

A beautiful Sweet Pea fluffy butt

****** Vegan Delights ******


  1. Love your little videos Janet and I think you have got the chooks very well trained indeed. Everyone is looking great. Wishing you and your family (all animals included, of course) a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Looking forward to more adventures on your farm. Love and best wishes, Louise, Ivy, Vera, Aggie and the cats Ozzy, Lucy and Oscar Joe.