Monday, January 30, 2023

Snowy Donkeys

 Once again we have a winter wonderland in southeast Michigan.  The big snow dump arrived last Wednesday.

I think I show you this scene every year, but it's my favorite winter view on the property.  Just outside the garage, heading up the driveway.  I love it.

Looking across the pasture

Thank goodness for the covered manger - less shoveling to clear dining areas.

 Donkeys are not eager to forge new paths and, conveniently enough, leave that for me.  When we run out of room significant traffic jams arise.

And I am stuck, um "allowed" the task of shoveling another.

With immense love I remember the last snowy video of Luigi...


  1. Those look like well loved and well fed chonkeys!!

  2. I also love your snowy view. It really does look beautiful. Hope the donks don't mind the snow too much. I know they all have lovely winter rugs to wear if your weather is really bad. I'm not hoping for snow though here. Just hoping Spring hurries up and arrives, sick of the cold now and would like some nice warm sunny days. Take care everyone on the little farm. Love from Cheshire UK.