Monday, August 28, 2023

Thank Goodness For Generators

 If you are a reader who does not live in the vicinity, the big news was the storms.  Two biggies in two days causing flooding, downed trees, and of course power outages.  We were lucky; no damage.  Three days without power - thank goodness for the portable generator, although it's constant drone in the background became irritating.

 I am not complaining.  Clearly other parts of the country have gotten hit much worse.

I was more than amazed Lake Luigi did not appear --

Enough rainfall to feed the bowls twice.

Power was restored yesterday afternoon, thank goodness.

Prior to this we finally repainted the side of the barn that showed many many many donkey nibbles.

I've been wanting a sign for the side of the barn for quite some time, but don't know who to go to for lettering.  Any ideas?

While the painting project was in full swing, chickens were free range, including the newbies.  They hated being outside of the run.  I left them like this for about forty-five minutes, then said enough, and opened the door.

And then there's the donks.

Gabby feels compelled to come up behind me in the hay aisle to remind me there's Equine Senior at my fingertips.

Thank you Gabs

And finally I want to show you the flower combo out by the donkey gate.

Morning glory, salvia, and mandevilla.  All new to this year.  The morning glory is not in top form here but she's a beauty.  I'm hoping she comes back next year.  And I'm smitten with the mandevilla.  She'll spend the winter in the house, if I can untwine her hold on the fence.

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