Monday, August 14, 2023

Tree Trimmers Need Not Apply

 We have been lucky in Michigan this summer -- moderate temps and plenty of rain.  Perhaps too much at times.  My hay guy was having trouble baling second cutting because of the precipitation every other day.

When we've had more than our fill of the wet stuff, you'll see two things at the teeny tiny farm.
Lake Luigi and tall red boots.


  The donkeys have multiple responsibilities around the farm.  Spice volunteered recently to take the tree trimming class.  Here she works on her homework assignment.  I'm confident she'll pass.

By the way, tomorrow is the BIG day -- chicken integration.  We'll open all doors at the mark of free range time so the little girls can escape any aggressive pecking.  But when everyone is gathered back up, they'll have to stand up to the bullies.

Cross your fingers!!

* * * * * * Vegan Delights * * * * * * 

I hit the jackpot at Better Health during my most recent trip.

I'm smitten with the "lunch meat" - I've tried a a few and this brand (Unreal Deli) gets top marks.  Sadly in my neck of the woods, I've only found one store that carries it. 
The pepper garlic spread is a little too yummy -- I need a big crock of the stuff. 
And I'll report on the enchiladas later after they've hit my belly  :)


  1. Fingers crossed for no mean pecks! I could use a Spice "trimmer."
    Take Care,

    1. Holy cow, maybe I can rent her out! Then the moochers could earn their keep...

  2. Everything crossed for the BIG integration. It'll all be fine ...eventually!! Good luck!!