Monday, January 22, 2024

Chickens Secretly Plan to Unionize?

 When last we spoke I was more than a bit fed up with shoveling paths and eating areas for the donks.  Well, over the past week I've continued to expand eating areas just so they can have a bit of walking around room.  And the ingrates do not appreciate the efforts and poop willy nilly in each of those areas.  So it means cleaning manure each trip before hay can be thrown.  I really wish one of you would speak to them about this.  

I think I also mentioned the donks wanted to venture out of the darn barn to dine.  No sooner was that statement out in the open than they refused to leave the barn.

 Sometimes its not worth trying to figure out their seemingly irrational behavior.

Its also that time of year when the latch on the hay aisle door is useless and we turn to baling twine.

  The snow and ice collects at the door and its impossible to close.  Earlier this past week it wasn't wrapped securely and the donks succeeded in getting the door open and helped themselves to Equine Senior stored in a garbage can (with a lid).  Yup, those noses can do just about anything given enough time.  Fortunately they didn't consume a dangerous quantity or we would have needed emergency medical treatment.

Speaking of medical treatment (on a small scale), last Monday I was worried about Sweet Pea's comb.  I did not wait for the next morning but schlepped back out after dinner and schmeared her comb with an herbal salve from Fresh Eggs Daily.  And gooped her up a couple more times during the week when the temps were plummeting overnight.  This stuff has lemongrass oil, vitamin E oil and rosemary oil.  Her comb color improved markedly after the first application.

Each morning when I open the coop door, out pile the younger crew.  I walk in, turn the corner and there are Sweet Pea and JoannieLu in front of the heater.

 In this photo the heater looks threateningly red.  Please don't gasp and sputter.  The photo is deceiving.  It's not that red nor can they burn themselves.

But there is something afoot with the youngsters.  They seem to be innocently gathering but when I approach all conversation stops.  I'm suspicious and wonder what they're planning...


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