Monday, January 29, 2024

Scenes From a Teeny Tiny Farm

 Living "in the country" means sometimes things are done a bit basically, down to earth.
But let me back up a step.

This morning I texted the next door neighbor to tell her one of the horses was down and struggling to get up.  She responded almost immediately so I knew the horse would be helped soon.  However, the next text said the mare was going to be euthanized for reasons I won't go into here.  About 2:00 in the afternoon, as I was feeding donks, I saw two big piles of earth in the neighboring pasture and knew what that meant - Suzie the horse was being buried on site. To be honest I'm not sure I would have had the stomach for it, even if we had the right equipment to consider it.  It's pretty heart wrenching, especially with a large animal.  At least that's been my personal experience.  

OK, let's move on.

We've had above freezing temps overnight for the past week which has meant some significant snow melting.  Just take a look at the driveway.

Yea, so what's the big deal about that you ask.
The temps are now just below freezing at night which means some icing.  But with this lovely clear area down the middle of the driveway I have a pretty clear shot all the way up to the chonkeys.  No need for cleats and no need to worry about each step with the fear of slipping.  Huzzah!

With that melting we have a clearer picture of the damage done by the weight of the snow.

You're looking at the poles supporting the netting over the chicken run and no they're not meant to be in a U-shape.  Yup, the netting is partially on the ground so I worry about the hens getting their feet caught, but they're so eager to be walking around  in the no-snow zone I've not shut them out of the area. Rick says it will need to be rebuilt in the spring.  Oh good.

Next, hang on to your hats, it's a tour of the hay aisle..

 And how could we not include a pic of the three princesses.  We had an interior breakfast as there was the smallest bit of snow swirling yesterday morning.

  Princesses indeed...


  1. Such a shame about your neighbour's horse Janet. I wonder what the matter was...poor thing. I enjoyed your tour of the 'hay aisle'. Always nice to have a nosy into someone else's life!!!! Great to hear your voice to. Sending love to you and the donks and chooks.

    1. Louise, you've been invisible for too long -- good to hear from you!