Monday, March 25, 2024

Three Donkeys in a Snowy Spring

 Three days ago spring was abruptly ripped from us and we returned to winter... with a snow dump and moderately cold temps.

Here's what Friday's lunch looked like.

And I've never seen curvy icicles...

Thankfully since Friday 95% of the snow has melted and today we topped out at 58 degrees.  Yippee!

* * * * * *
Passing on a lemon curd recipe for Vitamix blenders.  If you own one and like lemon, this is the best.  I have to stop myself from just eating it out of the dish.  Not vegan because you use eggs, but you can easily sub a vegan butter (I used Earth Balance).

Vitamix Lemon Curd

It's amazingly easy and quick.  

As one cook stated, "Here’s the trick of using the Vitamix– a high speed blender heats the lemon curd ingredients to a safe temperature for eating. You CANNOT use a basic blender to accomplish the same goal. It simply won’t “cook” the eggs to a high enough temperature for safe eating."

I've schmeared it on english muffins, toast, and pound cake.  

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