Monday, June 10, 2024

Heartbreaking Scene With the Donkeys

 Two days ago, a little before 4:30, I heard the donkeys making a very odd sound.  After all these years around the beasts I know the hungry, angry, scared sounds.  But this one was new.  

Then I heard it again.
I went out to investigate.

As I approached the gate I saw the donkeys (not sure if it was two or all three) alternatively shaking and head nudging something.  To my horror I realized it was a fawn.  Earlier in the day Rick had seen mom and baby in the driveway.  

I have never seen the donks behave this way.  They were totally absorbed, focus intense.  
Clearly the baby was dead.
I quickly walked back to the house to get Rick.

When we arrived back at the donkey yard, we saw the same behavior.  Rick approached and I warned him to be careful; would the donkeys be aggressive to us?  He was able to get them to back away and he scooped up the deer.  Rick laid it out in the field behind the pasture so mama could find it.

Clearly they saw the baby as a predator and that instinctive protective behavior kicked in.  But damn!

Yes, I yelled at them.  And yes I know it was pointless.  But it was a purely emotional response.

What we don't understand is how the baby got into the yard.  The only way was over the four foot fence.  I would not have thought such small a fawn could have leapt so high.

Definitely new territory with the three beasts.   



  1. Over a year ago, we had a fawn that showed up in our pasture. Luckily, most of the donkeys left her alone, except for one mini gelding donkey. He chased her out and we were able to catch her and found a person who rehabilitated her. She was let lose after she was old enough to survive on her own. The fawn may have been compromised. You just never know what posseses them to go after some animals and leave others alone. So sorry.

  2. So sad to learn the little fawn had passed. My daughter's donkeys are very territorial too, especially when the coyotes are in breeding season, any stranger to their pasture gets run off up the field.
    Strange to have the little one show up inside a four foot fence though .
    So sad.

  3. I am so sorry that this happened. I can tell you are a kind person by how you take care of your animals . It is a heart breaking event.
    Take Care,

  4. Oh Janet that is so sad, in fact heartbreaking. In one way you can't blame the donkeys if they thought they were protecting themselves, but it doesn't make it less upsetting. I am sorry to hear this. Sending love.