Monday, June 24, 2024

Heat Abates But Flies Have Not

 Here in Michigan, the heat wave lingered a long week as it did in the rest of the country.   Although certainly not to the degree as in the west.  As you might guess, the animals suffered more than we did.  Although surprisingly the chickens didn't seem too affected.  Perhaps because we didn't reach mid-90's.  And we do have big windows.  And had fans going constantly.  To assist the chickadees I served up frozen blueberries

and electrolytes.

The donks preferred the barn much of the time with the fan going full blast 24/7.  Not only did that provide a bit of relief from the temps but also a bit of relief from the flies.  And they are brutal.

Don't know if I've mentioned, everything is happening about a month early.  The pasture opened a month early, the flies arrived in force a month early, shedding started a month early.  Gabs has her sexy summer look and usually she isn't this sleek until mid July.,

This girl sums up the state of affairs last week (seen from the kitchen window).

In other news, Clara adjusted to her saddle pad nicely.

I was a bit worried the heat would affect her more than the other girls, but that did not seem to be the case.  So the question is, will those back feathers grow back when they all molt in the fall.

I am puzzled as to why people seem to find Sharone's name so hard to remember.  You'll remember she was Sharona when she arrived last July.  That name was chosen for two reasons -- the character in the TV series "Monk" and the song by The Knack.  I just changed the 'a' to an 'e' when we discovered his true identity.

And JoannieLu is still acting wonky.  Perhaps it's time to try another pain remedy now that the weather is "normal".  There's no way I would have subjected her to the stress of catching her and applying the essential oil during the high temps.

Here's a fun thing we tried with a neighbor/egg customer.  I suggested we barter eggs for homemade strawberry jam.  She agreed so she has been supplied with three dozen eggs while we got a quart of gorgeous jam and some homemade bagels.  What a deal for both of us!

To conclude let's get a short lesson in donkey tail action.  Sometimes when non equine folks meet the donks they think tail wagging is similar to dogs - a sign of friendliness or happiness. 
Au contraire mon frere. 
It can be a warning sign of  displeasure or, this time of year, it's a fly swisher.  And those tails have been going nonstop lately.

 Stay cool my friends.

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