Saturday, September 20, 2014

Carrots In Abundance = Joyful Donkeys

Its that time of year.   #2 carrots (I guess you could call them rejects) are ready to be scooped up at the Farmer's Market.  I go as often as I can to score a hit for donkeys and for us -- grocery story versions don't come close in sweetness.

The crate is secured in my car trunk -- I've left carrots (in a crate and a bucket WITH a lid) in the garage and invariably either dogs get into them or donks do on one of their walkabouts.

The farmer always tops them off for me so you can see donkeys, Natural and horses next door have been enjoying them.  And of course the dogs.  They can hear me cutting up carrots from a mile away and race to my side in the kitchen.  And when I'm handing out sweet treats to three donks, dogs raise their voices in protest until I share.

Oh my, croons Luigi, they're so so good.

Delectable morsels soon disappear between gentle but greedy lips.


  1. Priceless story and pics right there!! Love it!! Those carrots look so fancy, heirloom varieties possibly. Such a spoiled bunch you have ;) Gracie & Ruby love their carrots. Our dogs love them also, but the canines' favorite treats are frozen green beans. Whodathunkit? -Tammy

    1. Tammy, miss your posts, come back!
      Frozen green beans -- come on!