Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY Milk Can Table Completed!

If you recall, dear readers, I started a milk can table project earlier this summer (see post of 7/6/14).

This was the look I was trying to duplicate.

After I painted the donated milk can (from dear friend Bev) it was Rick's task to try to figure out where to purchase an already cut piece of wood. After all he is a carpenter.  Well, the project got bogged down at that point.  Rick was striking out finding something affordable and of the right size.  He told me of some at Lowe's but felt the largest option was too small.  He kept looking.

Other life events came along (like retiring!) and the milk can table stayed on the back burner.

We host an annual bocce party and lo-and-behold a couple of days prior to the party (during the bustle of cleaning the house) Rick appears with a completed table.  Shockeroo!

 He ended up using the largest piece available at Lowe's, stained it red with lots and lots of polyurethane on top of the stain.  For a split second I was silent as I had envisioned painting the top to match the can.  But as I continued to look, I realized he had chosen the right finish.

The grain of the wood is set off so well with that red glow.

And of course two dogs have to inspect as well.


  1. Perfection!! Even the dogs approve (love the pics). -Tammy

  2. Well done !
    The table looks beautiful, I love that color.
    My daughter has miniature donkeys, two mother donkeys and two baby girls from each. They are so much fun, and keep us all entertained endlessly :)
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving suc a sweet comment, I hope to visit with you often.

  3. That table is so sweet! I agree that the top is perfect. Popping over from A Brit in Tennessee's blog. It's my first visit to you and I will be back.

    1. Greetings, Kathy. This is such a fun vehicle to meet new folks.

  4. What a special surprise and how nice of him. The finish is perfect. It made a beautiful table. I love your dogs too. Black Labs?

    1. Gunner (on the left) is a Rot/mix and Dudley is a lab/mix
      Both sweeties :)