Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chicken Coop in Progress

We've decided to take the plunge and broaden our horizons to include laying hens.  I had been thinking about this for over a year but wanted to wait until I had retired to make sure I had time in the mornings to properly tend to everyone.  Now, the time is right!

I've actually purchased three Isa Browns but they're currently residing with my "egg lady" about 10 minutes away.  My carpenter husband is in the midst of building the coop (as I write this) and I've been itching to show you the progress.

Its cozying up against the back of the donkey shed.  
I've read the donks can help keep predators at bay.

After only a couple of days, the walls were up.
This beauty is 8'x8' with a height of 6'. 
Snazzy, huh.  I'm loving it.
The outside pen will go to the right of the coop.  

One entry to the coop is situated through the donkey shed.  I felt strongly that in the winter I did not want to be obliged to shovel an additional path through deep snow to get to the hens.

Although I'm not intending to have a large flock, and we're only starting with three, this gives room for expansion.  You see, I have no intention of killing the girls when their laying days are over.  They'll become pets and we'll bring in three replacements. 

\My favorite husband about an hour ago working on a door.


  1. How cool that you are adding chickens! I would love to do that.

  2. Janet I am so excited for you. I love the hen house and the entrance through the donkey shed. You know our old hens become pets too. Can't wait to see more. Your three hens are would be excited if they knew what a nice home they are moving into!