Friday, April 24, 2015

The Girls Have Arrived

Last Saturday three little girls joined the crew.  However, they were reluctant to step out into their new digs.  I let them be for a couple of hours and they still didn't want to venture out.  So we slowly angled the cat carrier to force the issue.

They have been enjoying the heat lamp this past week with our unusually chilly temps.

It was a feat to snap all three girls together, but here is the sassy trio:

Names are coming along slowly.  Only one for sure -- Ruby.  She has the darkest red/brown coloring. I'm debating about "Chica" for the other reddish hen but alas, the third is nameless at this point.

Rick did a wonderfully grand job with the coop.

He used some saplings that the donks had decimated for the roosts.

The outside pen is 99% complete but it was too chilly to let our 11-week olds out.  Today is the day!  Freedom!


  1. Great photos, Janet. I like the name, Ruby. I think that is the little gal that I picked up. And I agree, Rick did a marvelous job on the coop!

  2. Oh they have arrived and they are so cute! Your husband did do a great job on the coop. It looks warm and cozy and safe. What lucky hens. Hope you enjoy them.